Timmy Dick


I think it may be time to just say goodbye to the Democratic Party and move on… I mean – really say goodbye – as in tell it to get out of the way so the rest of us can move forward.

In the less than a month since #45 was inaugurated and started his blitzkrieg of unqualified Cabinet choices and immoral Executive Orders,  the Democratic Party has been eerily quiet.

Oh… they’ve written a couple of letters, and stuff, but … where’s the outrage? Where is the indignation? Where is the leadership? With a couple of notable exceptions – like Elizabeth Warren being silenced in the Senate – there has been little to show from what should be an opposition party.


We have a President who does nothing but lie. We have an administration that most likely has committed treason. We just had a National Security Advisor resign and the allegations against the rest of his administration make Watergate pale by comparison.

This isn’t politics as usual. The Democratic Party should be opposing this administration at every turn. They should be screaming for investigations – demanding them from the airwaves if they are obstructed in the Capitol. They should be naming the obstructionists by name and telling the American people exactly who is stopping them from moving forward.

Possible treason in the White House should not be treated as differences of opinion. This is as serious as it gets.

And in the middle of it all we have the folks running for DNC Chair… You know… the one where whatzer-Shultz totally fucked up the 2016 elections nationwide.

Jennifer Palmieri, former communications director for both the Obama White House and Clinton’s presidential campaign, decreed that the worst thing the Democrats could do would be to move towards the left – you know… where the people are. It’s more important to support their corporate overlords.

Where are the town hall meetings to get people motivated and involved? Where is voter outreach? It’s non-existent, that’s where.

The Democratic Party is not listening. They are not paying attention to the people. They are losing elections and losing voters at every turn.  What is it going to take for them to get a backbone if a treasonous president can’t do it?

The Democrats have been screwing us for years, thinking we have no choice but to vote for them because they pretended they weren’t as bad as the other guys.

Well… we *do* have a choice – and that is to stop playing their game. If they want my vote they had damned well start paying attention to me – and that means getting in the face of the fuckwads in Congress who have stalled legislation for the past 8 years. It means getting out the vote drives, it means educating the public on what’s going on and not obfuscating what the hell is they’re trying to do.

It means standing up and fighting. Loudly.

This election finally woke people up to what is going on in Washington. Every damned one of you is going to be watched and held accountable.

And if you’re not going to fight to get back to the FDR Progressive roots, get the hell out of the way. Because I’m really tired of Republican-light being foisted off as a legitimate difference.

It’s not.