Timmy Dick


Oh, the irony.

The people telling me I have to respect the Office of the President, that regardless of my views, he is OUR president. The irony, of course, is that these are the people who for 8 years called President Obama everything under the sun – stating he was from Kenya and a Muslim therefore unfit to be President – to every deplorable racial slur imaginable.

The further irony that I went to war for the right of a person like him to be elected president. And while I may have fought for that right, I also fought for the right to protest. The right to voice my opinion about him and his followers.

His followers. Those lovely Birthers whose hate he fanned for 8 years by leading the charge against President Obama… I think I’m just going to take a page out of their playbook.

He’s Not My President.

The Birther Bastard will never be my president.

Wait and see what he will do?!? I’m watching what he has already done – emboldened fun little social groups like the KKK to hold Victory Parades, emboldened neo-nazis to spray paint swastikas around town, emboldened the slimiest elements of our society – televangelists – to decry equality and to call for discrimination against anyone not a straight white christian male.

Support him? Give him a chance? Not on your fucking life.

He’s a snake oil salesman – only lower. A snake oil salesman who conned his followers by stating he was going to drain the swamp and then scraped the bottom of that swamp for his transition team and advisors. The clown car is being readied for his cabinet.

Support him? No.

Supporting him legitimizes racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, every vile ill our society has to offer.

I reject him and I reject everything he stands for.